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lost his marbles as well as his roubles

In the week when somebody worked out that 923 league managers have left their jobs since Alex Ferguson took 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone over at Manchester United, Roman Abramovich proved that all the money in the world cannot buy you common sense.

The Chelsea owner sacked a veteran international manager, who peaked at the 2002 World Cup and who arrived at Stamford Bridge with no Premier League experience after knocking England out of a major championship.

He has replaced him with a veteran international manager, who peaked at the 2002 World Cup and who arrived at Stamford Bridge with no Premier League experience after knocking England out of a major championship.

Only this time, and here's the really ingenious bit, it's on a parttime temporary basis. As if Guus Hiddink was responding to a public sector recruitment ad in The Guardian.

With Newcastle searching for a stand in for their interim manager, with Portsmouth likely to keep caretaker Paul Hart for the rest of the season and even mighty Real Madrid hiring Juande Ramos on a short term contract, football bosses will soon have to start enrolling with Office Angels for temping work.

In fact, Conference South outfit Fisher Athletic this week became the first senior British football club to appoint a female manager albeit for just one game.

It probably won't be long until Gerry Francis, for example, becomes the first person to take up a six month posting to cover for a football manager Buy Cheap Jintropin Online on maternity leave.

Our hirer and firer in chief, Abramovich, has always worn the look of a deeply gormless man. With no public utterances to go by, we simply assumed that appearances were deceptive, what with him having earned billions in the oil industry.

Yet now, it transpires, he really is a pretty gormless man, who probably had a lot of hard mates back in Siberia.

Chelsea paid a staggering 23million in compensation during the last financial year to Jose Mourinho and Avram Grant and their staffs, and must now pay another shedload Oxandrolone Research Chemical to Big Phil Scolari.

Some have claimed that Abramovich was wearing his "death mask" when he went to "execute" Scolari this week events at Chelsea having long since been reported as if they are straight out of a Bond movie.

Ever since Mourinho's sacking, though, it's been more like the Benny Hill Show lots of farcical dashing about and Abramovich patting a little bald man on the head.

Though this time, even Peter Kenyon seems to have deserted him. Having hired a World Cup winning manager in Scolari, Abramovich crumbled at the first dissenting banner in the Stamford Bridge crowd they are not used to dissent in Russia and chose to "canvas the opinion of senior players", which is modern football speak for "I'm off to the shed to fetch my Kalashnikov".

And if senior players like Didier Drogba were unwilling to pull their finger out for a permanent manager in Scolari, what exactly makes the Chelsea owner believe they will give 100 per cent for Guus, the "Anaboliset Aineet" part time janitor?

Hiddink, like Scolari, is a charismatic, successful and likeable man. He's also rather fond of a few quid.

Hence the six month suspended sentence for tax evasion the Dutchman received in 2007.

He was never likely to turn down 2.5m for four months' work.

Those of us who were lucky enough to spend June 2002 in South Korea, will never forget the effect of Hiddink's work, as he guided the World Cup co hosts and rank no hopers to the semi finals.

During the second round victory over Italy, I stood in a giant square in Seoul, crammed with an estimated one million supporters, all dressed in blood red T shirts and all screaming at a volume which made your ears bleed.

A surprising country, Korea. Outside of Romford, it's the only place I've ever been where you'll often see women lying drunk in the gutter on a Friday night. And Hiddink gave them plenty to party about.

Chelsea's Korean sponsors, Samsung, will be desperate for Hiddink to stay at the Bridge.

The man is treated like a God in their homeland.

Yet Oral Steroids Poison Oak the Hiddink of 2002 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone was an ultra professional control freak, who insisted on the Korean players staying together in a training camp for months before that tournament buy cheap jintropin online which was, of course, won by Scolari's Brazil.

The Hiddink of 2009 will be distracted by flitting between west London and Moscow, as he trousers a hefty sum for a quick tilt at Primobolan 1ml the Champions League, the FA Cup and keeping Chelsea in the top four.

His first match in charge will be at Aston Villa, where Randy Lerner has spent a fraction of what Abramovich has, stuck by his canny manager and seen his club win football matches and friends in equal measure with a young, vibrant, overwhelmingly English team.


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