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Louisiana state troopers to help with police patrols through July "Anaboliset Aineet" 4 weekend

With thousands of people "Anabolika Definition" heading to New Orleans for Essence Festival, dozens of more officers will be on patrol.Forty troopers from Louisiana State Police will help out with the additional crowds. Talks are ongoing about state troopers supplementing New Orleans police numbers through the end of summer."I don't think it's going to make a difference," said Mel Young who works near where the shootings happened. "When you think about it, the Quarter is the quarter and downtown is downtown so if there are two cops or there are 50 cops there is still going to be violence Comprar Levitra and crime."For now, the troopers "Oxandrolone Powder India" are set to patrol through the July 4 weekend. New Orleans police said nine officers were working the Bourbon Street area at the time of the shooting."I think it's the overall commitment that the city needs to make to cleaning up the violence," said Barbara Marshall, who works in the area.New Orleans city council member Nadine Ramsey is calling for a closer look at police resources and how they are deployed.Local businesses are worried how news of the shooting will affect Methenolone Enanthate Effects commerce."What I'm afraid of normally when something like this happens our business starts to drop. Tourists don't want to come around," said Armando Ortiz, owner of Crescent City Cigar Shop.INTEREST IN SUNDAY'S BOURBON STREET SHOOTING. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR SCREEN. THIS IS WHO THEY'RE LOOKING FOR. THE SHOOTING HAPPENED AROUND 2:45 SUNDAY MORNING IN THE 700 BLOCK OF BOURBON STREET. EARLIER TODAY POLICE CONFIRMED THAT THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 10 VICTIMS. THE STORY HAS GONE NATIONAL AND NOW QUESTIONS LOOM ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE COMING IN TOWN FOR THIS WEEKEND'S ESSENCE FEST. NOW NOPD IS GETTING SOME HELP WITH PATROLS THIS WEEKEND. DOZENS OF STATE TROOPERS WILL BE ON Oxymetholone Buy India HAND, AS THEY OFTEN ASSIST WITH PATROLS FOR BIG EVENTS. BUT THE TROOPERS MAY BE HELPING OUT AFTER ESSENCE FEST IS OVER. WDSU REPORTER GINA SWANSON IS ON YOUR SIDE WITH DETAILS. SCOTT RIGHT AFTER THE SHOOTINGS HAPPENED, THE QUESTION OF NOPD MANPOWER RE SURFACED. 10 PEOPLE INJURED IN SHOOTINGS, POLICE BELIEVE TWO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. i don't think its going to make a difference when you think about it the quarter is the quarter and downtown is downtown so it there is 2 cops and there is 50 cops there is still going to be violence and problems THE TROOPERS WILL BE ON PATROL WEDNESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY TO HANDLE THE ADDITIONAL CROWDS. WITH TALKS OF HAVING TROPPERS SUPPLEMENT POLICE NUMBERS THROUGH THE REST OF THE SUMMER. COUNCILMEMBER NADINE RAMSEY IS CALLING FOR A CLOSER LOOK A POLICE RESOURCES AND HOW THEY ARE DEPLOYED. THIS AS BUSINESS OWNERS WORRY HOW NEWS OF Oral Turinabol 10mg THE SHOOTING WILL AFFECT COMMERCE. POLICE ARE STILL URGING BUSINESSES WITH SURVEILLANCE VIDEO. OR ANYONE WHO HAS ANY INFORMATION. TO COME FORWARD. CALL CRIMESTOPPERS "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" AT 822 1111. THANK YOU GINA. ESSENCE FESTIVAL ORGANIZERS SAY THEY ARE CONFIDENT THAT LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES WILL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE A HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY. THEY RELEASED THIS STATEMENT SAYING IN QUOTE: "ESSENCE WORKS CLOSELY WITH THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS EVERY YEAR TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF OUR FESTIVAL ATTENDEES. THE NEW ORLEANS POLICE DEPARTMENT, ALONG WITH THE LOUISIANA STATE POLICE AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, ASSURE US THEY WILL HAVE AN INCREASED PRESENCE THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND AND PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY FOR FESTIVAL GOERS. RIGHT NOW. LAST MINUTE


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