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Make history and vote Green on May 14

Green party has been knocking on doors of the legislature in Victoria 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone for 30 years. Greens.

Federal Green leader Elizabeth May set the wheels in motion in when she was elected in 2011, Canada's first Green MP, to represent the residents Saanich Gulf Islands in Ottawa.

Elizabeth was subsequently voted by her 304 MP peers as Canada's 2012 Parliamentarian of the Year for her performance in the House of Commons. and Ottawa and a strong local campaign resulted in the Greens also making huge gains in last November's federal by election in Victoria, losing by less than three percent. Green candidates in and around Victoria will break through. carbon tax, junk food out of schools, stopping pipelines) being implemented by other parties.

Our long term focus on ending cannabis prohibition and moving to a regulated and tax environment resulted in heckling through the 80s and 90s, but now public support is on our side in this arena.

When you vote Primobolan X Gh for and elect Green candidates, they will help build better communities by decreasing taxes on individuals and industries that promote health and increase taxes on pollution, waste, and unhealthy living. safer for our children. Greens have evolved to a multidisciplinary party that promotes new, transformative policy that will improve the health, education, and welfare for all British Columbians.

The taxpayers of today can be confident that Greens can dissect financial statements and prepare budgets when provided with all the facts. One high tech job creates 4.3 other local jobs in the community; thus we need to ensure that our provincial taxation system is attractive to technology companies and their employees.

We support bold goals like Vancouver being the greenest city, by 2020 as it will make us an attractive destination Masteron Subq for foreign firms to set up research and development offices and create jobs. Greens will champion the safety of wild salmon and lobby for "Hgh Jintropin Avis" new endangered species legislation without delay.

We will stop the practice of putting antifreeze and other toxic chemicals into our water tables in the gas fracking process. We will conserve what remains of our old growth forests. needs to debate in Victoria.

BC's postsecondary Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve students shouldnot have the highest student loan interest rates in the country.

British Columbians need more access to preventative, complementary and alternative medical treatments through funding models that promote wellness and focus on improving our quality of life.

Green MLAs "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" in Victoria will signal to the world that British Columbians are serious about preserving our resources for future generations and building strong local economies "Oxandrolone Powder India" not relianton megaprojects, long term accumulation of debt, and the exporting of raw logs. Greens are attracting voters from all backgrounds and now we need you support. We ask voters to be bold on May 14 and vote with their heart for a party that they know will make policy decisions with our provinces' Buy Jintropin next seven generations in mind.

Damian Kettlewell is the Green candidate in Vancouver Quilchena and his party's former deputy leader.

carbon tax: flimflam. it's a big giant scam. what happens is polluting corporations simply trade carbon credits with each other and some wallstreet hack get's rich in trading fees. the pollution does not stop. if you get rid of the credits and corrupt trading system it might work

'alternative medicine' sounds like they want tax dollars to go to flimflam like crystal healing, homeopathy with it's 99% diluted water "medicine", and other pseudoscience. i just want money to go to actual real doctors and hospitals so there are no wait lists or other decrepit falling down facilities, inadequate care ect. i don't want silly palm readers or shaman's getting tax dollars.

dictating lifestyle. I don't like the forced lifestyle initiatives through financial penalty. the poor are the first victims of this because a lot of them eat badly because it's all they can afford, and that terrible food like KD is a lifesaver to some people. i want a government that is concerned with funding health care, cheap or free access to all levels of education, running our services and not cutting them, protecting the environment from corporate destruction, and a gov that is totally transparent and democratic. that's all i want. stay out of my life and do not try to mold the people into your image and I'll vote for you.


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