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Making good use of the things that they found

KEITH Ward from Canada has been a welcome correspondent for many years. Back in September 1999 he appealed for help in arranging a reunion of pupils who attended the Central School for Boys between 1945 and 1949. This went ahead in 2005 and he has sent a photo of the lads who got together to revive their memories.

Keith keeps in touch with Cambridge happenings, and recent reports of how water filled pits near Brooks Road might become a leisure facility have encouraged him to share his recollections of the days when he trespassed into similar out of bounds areas.

have many memories from my childhood days during WW2 ranging all the way from scrumping fruit from orchards to finding pieces of shrapnel and the foil tape that was used to block radar waves.

were an adventuresome lot. During the WW2 period the four or five members of us would venture into the aircraft dump on Coldham Common (I once used this term several years ago and received an angry reply from a former worker and was told that it was not a crash dump but a MRU which I think was the acronym for Maintenance and Repair Unit).

used to play hide and seek in the fuselages of the British, American and German planes that had been shot down and "Anadrol 50" heaped on top of each other. The site was patrolled by RAF personnel and their German shepherd dogs so it was a challenge to hide in the planes and not be discovered during their patrols. We had a perfect record of never being discovered.

of the planes were Masteron Female Dosage basically scrapped and it my understanding that any reusable parts were removed to repair other planes. During our play in the dump we used to find all sorts of things that had been overlooked or ignored by the maintenance crews. This involved coins, cigarette lighters, and other personal items of the aircrew. We manually transported the belly and wing fuel tanks and oxygen bottles "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" to the old Brick and Tile Works water filled pit adjacent to the Coldham lane bridge.

the bottom of the pit there was a flat area with an old barn type metal storage area in which there were two or three old rusting tractors that we played on. The aircraft fuel tanks had bullet holes in them and we filled the holes with clay and grass and then let the filling bake in the sun. Once the clay mixture had dried we applied more clay to make sure the tanks were watertight. After testing the tanks "Anaboliset Aineet" in the water we sit on the tanks and paddle around the pond using our hands as paddles. The "Anaboliset Aineet" wing fuel tanks were round and obviously were not stable in the water so we used the oxygen tanks as outriggers. All this will strike a chord with Bob Giddings who lives in a Proviron Bayer line of cottages at the entrance to Denny Abbey. As Oral Steroids Risks a lad Bob, in 1951, watched the wartime military activity in the adjacent newly established Waterbeach airfield and had his own special playthings the remains of wrecked aircraft that were being "buy cheap jintropin online" cannibalised for spare parts. He has snaps of them amongst his collection of old postcards

But back to Keith: favourite place for our games was the Rifle Butts on Coldham Common. When we were not digging out spent bullets from the chalk mound we played a game of Indians. We had made bows and arrows that would shoot over the Butts so we used to have two people on the top with bows and arrows firing at the rest of us hiding in the moat like area that surrounded the base.

bottom area also had large bushes so that it was difficult for those on top to shoot at us whereas those on top were fully exposed. The oldest in the group nearly always insisted that the youngest had to be on top of the Butts since they had virtually no protection from those firing from below.

order to make the arrows fly straighter we would wrap the point with electrical copper wire and then wrap black electrical tape or white adhesive surgical tape around the wire in the hope that it would be less damaging if you were hit. But you still have a nice round bruise the following day. It a miracle that none of us suffered any serious injury.

also used to visit the Norman and Saxon pits between Brooks Road and Cherry Hinton. One of the big dares was to travel through the small tunnel connecting the two pits since you were in total darkness for most of the way. Several years later I went fishing in the Saxon pit with my father hoping to catch the monster pike that was purported to be lurking in the waters If the current plans go ahead, perhaps others will enjoy a spot of legitimate fishing at Beach.


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